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Who are we? We propose a new way of communicating. Are you looking for feedback - we will find them for you, and they will always be at your fingertips. Read something, have questions, and people will see who is interested toyzhe theme, not just read the same site or page. Looking for reviews of a rather rare product that almost no one uses - We combine all those interested in the world on this topic.

In order to try - click on the little tab on the right side of the page - will be the most relevant topic for discussion here. But you can still choose to find or create any topic. Click to download - install the plugin itself, and you will be able to discuss all on any website.

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7/20/2017 3:06:53 PM

Сервомашинка Himoto SERVO3KG она влагозащитная?

For Users

This plugin allows you to comment on articles on sites that do not have the possibility to write comments. For example, for articles on HabraHabr, GeekTimes and MegaMozg for readonly and for unregistered users. Also, if the news is duplicated Habr and GeekTimes then these articles will be a general discussion. Also, a general discussion will be on the printout with Habra - Sohabr, for example, and on any other sites hosting the copy paper.

For E-Commerce

Study on many confirmed that the decision to purchase a prospective buyer receives the presence reviews of other users. We aggregate user reviews, and show you the general user feedback from around the world, specifically for your product on your page.

For Webmasters

This plugin allows you to comment on articles on sites that do not have the possibility to write comments. If you want to add comments to your site - put our script. If you publish an article or news, and it will be duplicated on other sites - then you will have a general discussion of the article around the world.

For developers

We are developing, and we need developers, see ours code on github. Will be able to help - Welcome! We are rising, and we shine a bright future! For you it is a good opportunity, spending some free time to get a chance to hit the jackpot! Try it, you never know ... In the end, everything depends on us!