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It's no secret that viewing product reviews from other sources, in addition to the store - is an integral part of the chain that led to the decision to purchase. On the Internet there are many studies on this topic, for example: time , two , three , four , five .

Figure top 10 factors that affect the decision of the buyer. Taken from one of the studies. The figure shows that the reviews are in 4th place in importance and occupies 33% of the buyers, making a purchasing decision.

Source reviews must be credible, and to ensure that reviews by real users of the product. We suggest you to reduce the time the user search review and provide comments directly on your site without leaving it.

Plus much:

Reviews will be very much present system avtomoderatsii bought and false comments will be visible immediately. And even for products used by very few people - there are reviews too. Reviews aggregated by topic, and users by leaving a comment in our system - leave them in the theme of a particular product. Visitors will see and comment all the online stores which have a page with this item.

Placing a widget online web store - a competitive advantage over the other - in a hurry to use it, moreover is free of charge. Paid placement of widgets on the sites of online shops is one of the areas of monetization of our project, and those stores that have hosted the widget before the others, and helped us to increase the user base - will be transferred to the paid fare after all, if not remain a free rate life.

An additional advantage - you will have moderator privileges to topics discussed on your website. See how it would look on the site of our partner - the online store rc models - HobbyOstrov

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