For Users

We present our browser extension that allows you to comment on sites without registering them. Comments can be written regardless of the sites themselves, they will not be tied to the site. In fact, you do not comment the page, you comment the content that is posted on it. If the content is duplicated on different sites in any form, the discussion will be common to all pages. This also applies to the translation of content into different languages.

For example, news sites contain the same news. Half of news sites do not have the opportunity to discuss the news. At the same time, the other sites have 1-2 comments without possibility to see it and discuss the comments of other users.

Let’s consider online shopping. Many of them present the same goods, but it is difficult to find feedback from real users. And if the products of mass consumption have specialized sites with reviews, the reviews on rare goods is difficult to find. Using our extension makes it much easier and more transparent. If the user writes a review about the product, it will appear on all pages with this product and on all the sites of online shops.

If you want to see the comments on this subject in another language you should justswitch the language. This extension has many languages. You can configure a list of languages ​​and switch between them ​​during discussion.

All the topics have self-regulation system. All comments can be marked with + and -, it affects the rating of the user and the ability to print comments with a certain period. A rating is not constant, it tends to zero over time. Subject also has two more tabs named "Wiki" and "FAQ". The "Wiki" can add both text and specify the page from Wikipedia. In the "FAQ" you can write frequently asked questions of the debate. This allows the same type of threads without clogging messages and questions.

How to use?

Firstly we need to install the extension into your browser (currently published only for the expansion of chromium. For opera and mozilla extension is in the process of approval). After this, an icon with a flower will appear in your browser. If you click on it then panel discussion leaves. Further most relevant discussion for the current page loaded or new theme with get the name automatically. At this stage of development there may be some failures, but the service is constantly improving.

By default, after starting the plugin list of the languages ​​inherited from the browser settings. This can be changed in the settings.

To do this in the drop-down menu under the user's icon you should select the menu item "Settings". A dialog box with a selection of languages ​​to switch will appear. Use the filter to quickly find and add the languages ​​you need. They appear in the drop-down list next to the name of the current topics of discussion.

If the system is not sure of choosing the right theme, it highlights the text in yellow. This helps draw the user's attention to the need to see a list of suggested topics and choose the right, or start a new one.

If you want to write something, you should log in. For convenience you can enter through social networks at once to discuss new posts.
You can also write the answers to already existing themes and vote for other people's comments.

As a user, I see not only those who do not have the possibility of commenting on the Habré, but also regular users of the vast Internet who want to discuss the news, ask a question about this item, and others. Now it would be desirable without delay. Convenient plug-in access to the views and the ease of information exchange.

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